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Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls - Viva La Wattage


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Our second release on 180g white vinyl. He said this about the album: "Viva La Wattage is a reflection of what happens on stage when I play. Beers gets knocked over and soak pedalboards. Guitars get jerked and yanked out of tune. I’m having so much fun, I completely forget what I’m doing. I get distracted by someone cute, mid verse. What you hear is what you get. I left it raw, unpolished, with a layer of “who knows what that stuff that’s all over the back of the van” The the band never new exactly when we were recording. This is the their first time hearing it too. I Left a life in NYC behind in the mid 2000’s and this is the outcome. New crew, new clubhouse, Slim’s Downtown, Raleigh. No one there believed a single thing about me, where I’d been who I’d been. People assumed I was delusional. I took it as a chance to reinvent myself."

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