Sioux Swag

We keep adding cool gear to our line up.

The Yowl:  Rock-n-Roll, Babies!


Pre-order your copy of the Yowl's LP on 180g white vinyl, limited to 300, hand numbered copies with a screen printed cover.  This is punk-n-roll magic from St. Louis. 





 Sioux Guitars Picks


We just got Sioux Guitars picks in.  They are white with our logo in red and are .80mm gauge delrin.


A pack of 5 picks is $2.00



Sioux Guitars text logo 1" button in white






Sioux Guitars text logo 1" button in red




Sioux Guitars classic logo 1" button in white




Sioux Guitars classic logo 1" button in red




 Sioux Guitars red oval logo 1" button




 Sioux Guitars white oval logo 1" button




 Sioux Guitars 2" x 5.5" vinyl sticker




 Sioux Guitars classic logo 4" square sticker






Extra Light Nickel Wound Strings





Light Nickel Wound Strings





Regular Nickel Wound Strings






Bass Strings

105-080-065-045 Round Wound




Light Bass Strings

095-075-060-040  Round Wound






We took imported red, black, and grey nylon straps and American made white straps and embroidered our logo on them.

$5 for the imported straps

$6 for the American made straps




 Sioux Guitars unbreakable comb



 Fender Kingman bass


Killer acoustic bass with Fishman pickup and preamp.  Super comfortable Jazz Bass style neck.  Includes a hard to find hard shell case.  Guitar and case are $550




Lotus Strat


Lotus Strat copy.  Average Japanese import with the best sounding set of pickups ever heard in a Strat.  $175




Fender Mike Dirnt P-bass


Used Fender Mike Dirnt P-bass with standard wear.  $450




Pignose B100V head


Killer head, with 4 6L6's.  Sounds great with bass and six string.  $300




Acoustic 204, four 12" speaker cab


4-12" speaker cab by Acoustic.  Killer sound.  Super heavy 70's construction.  $300