Siouxer Rats

More and more rockers are realizing the quality of Sioux Guitar Amps and Pedals. We'd like to feature a few here. Don't take it from us! Take it from the guys who own and love 'em. 

Sylvain Sylvain


Sylvain Sylvain is a total peach.  Loves what we do here at Sioux Guitars and swears by his Hide Tanning Tank Reverb.  Check the videos we've shot of Syl sampling the gear.  He also really digs that Needham as a 4-10" combo.  Claims the 4-10"s have that punch he digs.

Cheetah Chrome

Cheetah is nothing less than a genius with an axe in his hands.  He loves his Sioux Guitars effects and when we talked about building an amp he admitted that he wasn't sure about it, but he plugged in and found his signature sound within seconds and loved his Sioux Guitars Armour 2-12" combo.



Morgan Nusbaum

Morgan sings and plays guitar for St. Louis based band Bruiser Queen.  Smart, quirky, and refreshingly fresh take on 60's girl group/Phil Spector sound with modern pop sensibilities. 



 Jonny "Two Bags" Wickersham

Jonny Two Bags from Social Distortion, Cadillac Tramps, Youth Brigade, and the U.S. Bombs has been using the Truck Stop tremolo and the Dakota County delay from Sioux Guitars.  He also has been working solo. 



Greg Hetson

Circle Jerks and Bad Religion star Greg Hetson lets his inner demon out with Sioux Guitars
Javier Escovedo
From the Zeros' "Don't Push Me Around" to The True Believers, and his newest solo album "City Lights" Javier is a seeker of pure melodic sound.  He loves his Sioux effects.



Jim Weber
New Bomb Turks axe man said he just took some Sioux pedals on tour in Europe and claims it's fantastic stuff.

Stan Lee
Stan is a legend.  The Dickies are legendary and Stan has been using Sioux effects for a while now and digs them.  You might even catch Stan on stage wearing a Sioux Guitars work shirt. 
Chuck Dukowski
Chuck Dukowski has laid down the low end for some of the hottest So-Cal punk bands, like Wurm, SWA, October Faction, Black Flag, now CD6. Chuck has uses Sioux pedals to bring his monstrous bass tone to life.



George Tabb

NYC Punk Legend George Tabb uses Sioux Guitars Pedals.  George almost became a Ramone and has written the funniest books you could ever hope to read.  He's also behind Volume & Tone, the makers of awesome leather guitar straps and other goods. 




Mario Escovedo

Mario Escovedo's band the Dragons, hands down is one of the best punk-n-roll bands ever, though nowadays the Dragons maybe only get together for the Vegas Shakedown, Mario loves his Sioux Guitars effects. 


Sean Pierce

Not only is Sean a killer guitar player in the Toilet Boys, but he's also one of our favorite actors.  We respect anyone who breaths fire and plays Sioux Guitars products.

Shane Trimble
Shane Trimble has been guitar slinging for years with everyone from Black Light Rainbow to the Carson Daily Show's House Band. Now he's joining Sean with the axe duties in the Toilet Boys and thumps bass in Stallions.  He's digging Sioux pedals.

Billy Burks

Billy "The Barber" Burks has been guitar slinging with the Humpers, O.D. Corral, the Vice Principals, and the Champanties. He knows tone, and he uses Sioux Guitars Pedals and a Sioux Swift 2-12" combo amp.

Miss Molly Simms

Molly Simms of Bible Belt Sinners and Miss Molly Simms loves our Dakota County delay and our overdrives.  She knows tone and style.  


 Chaz Matthews

Chaz Matthews of the the Cheap Cassettes and Dimestore Halos digs the Pierce Street for pushing his guitar and amp that littel extra, extra.

 Mikey Millionaire

In the Skinny Millionaires and Turbo A.C.'s, Mikey has proven he is a road dog touring machine.  Night after night, one gig to the next, he depends on the rugged strength of Sioux Guitars effects. 


Brent Loveday

Brent is the frontman of Reno Divorce and a huge fan of Sioux Guitars.  Rocking a Sioux Guitars Armour mv head and several Sioux Guitars effects pedals. 


Tye Battistella

Tye uses many Sioux Guitars products from the Swift head he rocks, the effects pedals he uses and even sports Sioux pomade in his pomp.  Touring regularly with Reno Divorce, Tye puts a lot of wear and tear on his Sioux Guitars gear.




Rikk Agnew

What else can you call Rikk other than a legend?  He was crucial in inventing So-Cal Punk Rock and then the Goth scene.  Rikk is not only an amazing guitar player and a genius but a good friend and he's welcome in the Siouxer anytime.



Danny Sage

Danny grinds six strings for DGeneration and offers a perfect blend of in your face rock and melodic hooks. 






Richard Bacchus
Richard also slings six strings for DGeneration with Danny Sage.  





Jeff Dahl

Jeff is a legendary musician and producer, and a true gear hound.  Jeff looks at each piece a gear looking for the limits and then exploits those sounds to his advantage and he has been supporting Sioux Guitars since almost the beginning.




Kevin Moran

Kevin is an animal and it's not just because he shits in the yard.  He's lit fires for some heavy hitting punk-n-roll bands from Nuns With Guns, to the New Avenue Kings, he backed Ron Emory's solo effort and now fronts the Bullet Proof Hearts.  Kevin bought the first ever Sioux Guitars amp, and plays Sioux pedals. 





Mitch Cartwright

Mitch played bass and toured non-stop with the Humpers.  Now he's fronting the Hitchhickers and loves his Sioux Guitars Cudahy 1-15" combo and Villa Ave pedal. 

Gerald Lee Jr.

From Punk-N-Roll in Bad Luck Charm to Honky-Tonk with the Filter Kings, Omaha's Gerald Lee Jr. knows how to throw out more hooks than a bait shop and has killer tone. He is now using Sioux Guitars Pedals.





Miguel Escorcia

Miguel fronts Cat Club from Valencia Spain.  They are a traditional rockabilly trio and Miguel digs his Truck Stop Tremolo from Sioux Guitars. 



Milo Gonzalez

Milo Gonzalez of Insects Vs Robots and the Chuck Dukowski Sextet swears by Sioux's Villa Ave.

 Josh Berwanger

Josh Berwanger of Josh Berwanger Band and formally of the Anniversary rocks a Sioux Armour m/v head with a 4-10" cab and 1-15" cab.  Having owned and played almost everything out there, Josh claims this is the best sounding amp he's ever played. 

 TJ McInnis
Hailing from Sioux City roots, TJ has crushed six strings from bands like Fischer, Song Of Zarathustra, and the Fortune Healers.  There is an upcoming Fischer reunion in Omaha planned for the Spring of '14.




Javier Trejo

James Brown might have been the hardest working man in show biz, but Javier Trejo has got to be the hardest working man in the Twin Cities, never turning down a chance to play. His sound is a mix of Tex/Mex rock and blues with a little folk, honky-tonk, and rockabilly influences. He uses the Sioux Villa Ave pedal.



Tim Jadowski

Tim lays the low end in One Whore's Town and owns the Sioux Guitars Cudahy head #1. 


Alan Mansfield

Alan slinged axe for Omaha's Witness Tree.  He had collected all of the Sioux effects because he was in pursuit of tone.   We're sorry to say Alan lost his battle with cancer a few years back and his death was a loss not only for the owner of Sioux Guitars who regarded Alan as dear friend, but his loss was a loss for the whole Sioux Guitars machine because Alan was one of the first guys consulted when we had an idea for our next project and his insight and suggestions led to features on finished products many of you enjoy today. 



 Bobby Skulls

Bobby strums for the Yowl.  He loves his Dakota County delay pedal from Sioux.  He says he gets a great Chess Records sound blowing the harp with his mic run through the Dakota County.







Steve Kudlacek

Steve plays guitar and sings.  It doesn't matter if he's solo or with the Witness Tree.  He has collected most of the Sioux effects and really makes his Court Street pedal work hard for him.







 Mike Leonard

Mike is a Minneapolis strummer with both the Magnolias and Red Flags.  As a huge Stones fan, he loves the snorting, honking, midrange sounds he gets with his Combination Bridge pedal.