Sioux Gentleman's Hair Dressing


Sioux Gentleman's Hair Dressing is an old school styled pomade. It's a medium weight that is in between a butch wax and a can of grease. There is enough stiffness to hold your style, but it's light enough to work with easily and offers great shine. If you sport a pompadour, flat top with fenders, butch, slick, or other old school hair style, then you need to sport Sioux Pomade. All Sioux Pomade is mixed in small batches, to the same medium weight, the only differences in all our choices is you get to chose the masculine scent that suites you.

Sioux Guitars unbreakable comb

What's better to style up your doo than a classic unbreakable comb with the Sioux Guitars logo hot stamped in it?  




Cattleman's Long Rider has a mild leathery scent.  We will be discontinuing this fragrance when it's

sold out. 





Night Out has a great bay rum fragrance.



Papa Ryan's Pomade has the sweet scent of amaretto.





Tubby Ryan's has a nice mahogany scent.