Sioux Speaker Cabinets


Sioux Speaker Cabinets are made with only Baltic Birch using Jensen speakers.


.Available in 2-12", 4-12", 4-10", 8-10", 1-15", and 2-15"



Want your own custom Sioux Guitars cab?


Message us here to discuss your needs and what will work for you. 




This 2-15" speaker cab is built and ready to ship.


This cab is closed back and built with 3/4" void free Baltic birch.  Mounted with a pair of Jensen Vintage Ceramic speakers.  This cab handles 200watts and is 16 ohm.  Amazing sounding cab for blues, psychedelic, stoner rock, or any type of music where you would want a full bodied sound.  Also sounds amazing with bass and organ.










We have one 4-12" offset cab is built and ready to ship.


Built with 3/4" void free  Baltic birch and has a closed back.  Features four 50watt Jensen Jet speakers rating this cabinet at 200watts and 16ohm.  Sounds great for guitar and bass and would really sing with keys or harmonica.  The Jet speakers are better suited to breakup and overdrive than a cleaner speaker like the Jensen Mod.