The Sioux Swift


The Sioux Swift is powered by four 6v6 tubes.

The Swift has thick meaty tones yet it is transparent enough to let your p-90's growl, single coils twang, and your humbuckers sound rich and full bodied.


The Swift is available as a head for $1,200, a 4x10" combo for $1,600, a 2x12" combo for $1,525, and a 1x15" combo for $1,450. All amps are built to order and lead time can be up to 8 week


We sometimes get asked if we could do our amps in other colors.  We could but why would you want that?  Paul Stanley once said "all a guitar is, is a penis extension, so treat it like one."  Rock-n-roll is full of peacockery, so in a world of black amps why not stand out with a red and white one?  Stand at the edge of the stage, with your legs spread apart, chomping bubble gum, wink at the crowd and strum an open E while plugged into an amp that sounds as good as it looks, and you will understand the Sioux Guitars philosophy.