The Armour


The Armour is powered by two EL-34 tubes.


Powered by a pair of el-34's, the Sioux Armour has a classic British rock tone. The Armour is available in master volume and none master volume versions. Even with the British accent of the EL34's it is voiced for all types of music.


We've seen pictures of Cheetah Chrome's 2-12" Armour in the world famous RCA Studio B in Nashville.


Rikk Agnew said this about his Armour half stack, "it's great for bright ringing rhythm. I will be using it exclusively for recording."


We sometimes get asked if we could do our amps in other colors.  We could but why would you want that?  Paul Stanley once said "all a guitar is, is a penis extension, so treat it like one."  Rock-n-roll is full of peacockery, so in a world of black amps why not stand out with a red and white one?  Stand at the edge of the stage, with your legs spread apart, chomping bubble gum, wink at the crowd and strum an open E while plugged into an amp that sounds as good as it looks, and you will understand the Sioux Guitars philosophy.


The Armour amp is available as a head for $1,200. A 2-12" combo for $1,525. A 1-15" combo for $1,450. And a 4-10" combo for $1,600. All combo amps use Jensen speakers. All amps are built to order and lead time can be up to 8 weeks.


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