Sioux Guitars Effects


Sioux Guitars offers Midwest value and huge tone. Until now it seemed that you had to make a compromise in your effects choices. You could choose a great sounding effect that added noise during switching, or even worse constant noise, or you could choose a quiet pedal that was so thin and weak that it robbed your overall tone. We don’t want you to make those choices. We offer great sounding effects that only do what they are supposed to do. We want your business, but if you want noise, hum, or tone-suck, try another line of effects.



Line Switcher


Everyone needs a good A/B box now and again. Here's ours.


Combination Bridge

This is what Jeff Dahl said about the new Sioux Guitars Combination Bridge pedal: ”Dude, you need to rename this Combination Bridge Overdrive/Distortion pedal the snot box and it's a helluva a lotta fun!”


Court Street Overdrive


The Court Street Overdrive pedal offers musical diversity.


Flood of '53 Flanger


A swirling vortex, like the flood of 1953.


K-D Chorus


K-D Station could have been haunted by the ghosts of the Swift employees who were killed there in an ammonia explosion.

Truck Stop Tremelo


The Sioux Truck Stop Tremolo offers up vintage 60's style tremolo with completely clean, noise free function and switching.

Villa Ave Distortion


Villa Ave is an ultra smooth distortion pedal.


Hide Tanning Tank

A screaming new take on a reverb tank.




Need some fuzz?  The SCPD is a great musical 70's sounding fuzz.


Dakota County Delay


The Dakota County Delay is an amazing sounding analog delay with warmth not available by digital delays

 Pierce Street


The Pierce Street is a double boost pedal that can add layers to your songs or can be used to trick a non-master amp into acting like a master volume amp. 

Gordon Drive


Another flavor of overdrive.