Villa Ave Distortion


At the bend in the road, West 7th becomes Villa Ave.

Villa Ave is an ultra smooth distortion pedal. We could have called this the Siouxer Rat, but our noise free switching and operation totally distinguishes us from the others. There is no playing around here. Villa Ave isn't for everyone. This is a pedal for punk, heavy metal, and hard rock but can also dial back and sound almost clean while strumming lightly but breaks up with a nice growl and bite when you dig into the strings, finding a home in honky-tonk, blues, rockabilly, and folk American. While Villa Ave is dirty, it has a transparency to it that allows you to really cut through the mix.


Danny Sage of DGeneration said that he used the Villa Ave on stage playing "Eighteen" with Alice Cooper, yes that Alice Cooper. 



Price: $125.00