Truck Stop tremolo

"The Truck Stop trem is his(Billy Gibbons) "go to" tremolo."--Elwood Francis, guitar tech for Billy F. Gibbons


"I was having a moment of 'I gotta find the John Fogerty Ramble Tamble tone!!!' (These moments happen very frequently to me!) and the Sioux City Truck Stop Tremolo helped me find that road!"--Johnny Casino


"The Sioux Guitars Truck Stop Tremolo is perfect for me, it goes from dripping slow "strip club" tremolo to fast, throbbing Link Wray "gang fight tremolo" and all points in between. Having the gain control if you want it is a cool feature, too! Built nice and solid in case you're a big ol' boy, like I am. I'm a fan of the Truck Stop!!"--Deke Dickerson, a.k.a. Mr. Guitar