Combination Bridge


The Combination Bridge connected Sioux City Iowa to South Sioux City Nebraska.


The Combination Bridge is an overdrive with a nasally, mid-range honk to it on one channel, then you step into a distortion that is the same circuit with another gain stage so your tone doesn't change, but you just have more gain, more oomph, more sustain.


This is what Jeff Dahl said about the new Sioux Guitars ”Dude, you need to rename this Combination Bridge Overdrive/Distortion pedal “The Snot Box”. This has the most attitude of any pedal I’ve ever played… without question. I tried it with a Les Paul, Les Paul Junior, Wilshire and a Tele. The P-90 in the Jr just can’t take it but the Tele was was rockin’. It much better with a guitar with a good humbucker so I gave it a work out with the LP & the Wilshire. The “Beef” setting I only turn to about 10/9 o’clock vol/gain and I got that crazed Neil Young “Rust Never Sleeps” era tone and sustain. Fat, thick, oozing endless stain. Right on the verge of out-of-control. The “Pork” setting was a hair more refined, if that’s the right word. At about 10/10 o’clock I had a righteous slicing sound when playing chords ala Mick Ronson’s cocked wah-wah trick. This is the one to use to get that old Stones “Sticky Fingers” style sound. But my favorite application was when playing slide in an open G tuning. Depending on the song, Beef or Pork give you a wide variety of classic singing slide tones. Like I said, this is one snotty box and a helluva a lotta fun!” If a true gear hound like Jeff Dahl has that kind of reaction to the Combination Bridge, what will your reaction be?




Price: $140.00