Combination Bridgeoverdrive/distortion

”Dude, you need to rename this “The Snot Box”. This has the most attitude of any pedal I’ve ever played… without question. I tried it with a Les Paul, Les Paul Junior, Wilshire and a Tele. The P-90 in the Jr just can’t take it but the Tele was was rockin’. It much better with a guitar with a good humbucker so I gave it a work out with the LP & the Wilshire. The “Beef” setting I only turn to about 10/9 o’clock vol/gain and I got that crazed Neil Young “Rust Never Sleeps” era tone and sustain. Fat, thick, oozing endless stain. Right on the verge of out-of-control. The “Pork” setting was a hair more refined, if that’s the right word. At about 10/10 o’clock I had a righteous slicing sound when playing chords ala Mick Ronson’s cocked wah-wah trick. This is the one to use to get that old Stones “Sticky Fingers” style sound. But my favorite application was when playing slide in an open G tuning. Depending on the song, Beef or Pork give you a wide variety of classic singing slide tones. Like I said, this is one snotty box and a helluva a lotta fun!”--Jeff Dahl, of Jeff Dahl Band, Angry Samoans, Poison Idea, Vox Pop, and Powertrip