Hide Tanning Tank Reverb


A reverb tank with some color.

The Sioux Hide Tanning Tank reverb is a tube driven spring reverb tank but with a bit of a dark side.  Sure it can do classic Surf and Rockabilly reverb tones but with it's three preamp tubes it can easily add gain, overdrive, sustain, and fuzz to the reverb sound.  When Rikk Agnew played a prototype, he was blown away by how easy if was to dial in Hendrix style fuzz/delay on a reverb tank.  Don't think that a reverb tank is just for Surf or Rockabilly any longer because this can take you to Psychedelic turf of "I Had Too Much To Dream Lastnight."  It's just a fun piece of gear.


"The Sioux Hide Tanning Tank is no reverb pedal in a sharp red box. Nor
does it simply add a reverb knob to Your amp. It is a serious piece of gear
that expands Your tonal options, allowing You to dial in anything from a
touch of depth and space, to dark, heavy, and lush retro-verb. One of the
coolest aspects of the tank is that it can add some real growl to Your tone
if You crank the knobs a bit, so the tank effectively adds OD/gain if
desired. Going heavy on the gain and reverb on a clean amp setting yields a
gorgeously nasty tone that I haven't heard on any modern amps. A great
piece of gear!" - Alfie Agnew


Price: $650.00