Swift powered by four 6V6 tubes

"Extremely easy for me to dial in the different types of tone I'm looking for. The Swift amp delivers a clean warm tone and a mild breakup when the volume is pushed to the edge. I then place a Villa Ave. pedal to achieve that distorted "Gritty Sioux City" sound."--Tye Battistell, Reno Divorce

We sometimes get asked if we could do our amps in other colors.  We could but why would you want that?  Paul Stanley once said "all a guitar is, is a penis extension, so treat it like one."  Rock-n-roll is full of peacockery, so in a world of black amps why not stand out with a red and white one?  Stand at the edge of the stage, with your legs spread apart, chomping bubble gum, wink at the crowd and strum an open E while plugged into an amp that sounds as good as it looks, and you will understand the Sioux Guitars philosophy.

1-15" Combo
2-12" Combo
4-10" Combo