Cudahyclean amp with KT-88 tubes

"It's like a Bassman on steroids"--Miguel Escorcia, guitar player of Cat Club and Scorcia Big Band Boom


The Cudahy was intended to be our bass amp with nice warm, smooth bass response, but six string players in the world of blues, rockabilly, bluegrass, honky-tonk, etc. will love the warmth and cleanliness of the Cudahy.

We like our KT-88's because they are much smoother than 6550.  Sure, they can growl and break up, like a 6550 does but it's a smoother, deeper fuller growl than what a 6550 does.  Turned down the Cudahy has those thick, smooth James Jamerson sounds.

All are amps are switchable between 8 and 16 ohm with two speaker outs to match our speaker cabinets.  The line out on the Cudahy features the voice of the whole amp, preamp and power amp, unlike most that only feature the voice of the preamp.  We just don't understand why you would want to loose the voice of your power tubes on a line out.  Our line out also features a pot to adjust the line out volume at the amp because when doing r & d on our amps a lot of sound guys complained that too many amps are too hot or too weak and they wish they could adjust them at the amp before they hit the board.

1-15" Combo
2-12" Combo
4-10" Combo