"Working beside Billy Gibbons enables me to try an insane amount of new and vintage gear. Last year we were introduced to Sioux Guitars. Its been a godsend in a couple of areas.  Firstly.....making some of the coolest guitars in the market today. You'd think you've stumbled upon a lost vintage guitar yet they're new with modern features.....and they're RED too!  Mr. Gibbons is using the KD Chorus in his live rig and The Truck Stop trem is his "go to" tremolo. The chorus is nothing short of fabulous. It has a thickness to it that's hard to find in a chorus. You almost don't want to turn it off. But I think there are laws against that.  The Villa is another fave and is kept close for those times he uses rental gear. The Villa will make a "tired" amp sound like it had 5 shots of espresso.  I can't wait to try the amps! In a world of compromise, Sioux Guitars do not."--Elwood Francis, tech for Billy Gibbons. April 4, 2017


"I love Sioux guitar pedals for the same reasons other users do!  The best quality bar none.  Except, i don't use them just for guitars when making records.  Running a Handsonic, or an MPC 2000 through the Combination Bridge, or the SCPD..morphs the sound into an original other worldly cacophony!"  There is always another usage to these wonderful hand made beauties!"--Ken Coomer, Nashville studio wizard & drummer of Uncle Tupelo and Wilco


"I’m proud to use a product that so much time, thought, and care goes into. I like that the company has a genuine heart and soul, and it comes across in the sound and look of the pedals. Thanks for that." Danny Sage, guitarist of D Generation


"If your looking for a talent booster, you can stop at Sioux! Check em out!"--Stan Lee, the Dickies







We started a label with the goal of picking up where Long Gone John    left off with Sympathy For The Record Industry, focusing on punk-n-roll and Phil Spector style girl groups.  Click the logo to be taken to the label page.